Our Brewmaster & the Brewing Process

Darren Currier, Head Brewer

Our brews are boiled for 90-120 minutesOur Head Brewer, Darren Currier, has been brewing at local breweries in the Hudson Valley for over 22 years and has earned numerous awards and medals. Home grown in Dutchess County and currently residing in Ulster County. Darren has been researching and developing some of the best beers in the North East. His desire to create exceptional beers has always kept him driven toward his goals. After receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Science, he continued his education at Siebel Institute for Brewing Technology in Chicago and has been professionally brewing ever since. He has developed hundreds of recipes and is determined to craft his best beer yet. He is passionate and creating great beers at the Rip Van Winkle Brewing Co. While spending time with his son Ben and wife Jill are at the top of the list, he also enjoys the outdoors.

-Great American Beer Festival 2000 Gold Medal for Stone House Imperial Stout

-Great American Beer Festival 2001 Bronze Medal Dusseldorf Altbier

-TAP NY 2001 Mathew Vassar Brewers Cup

-TAP NY 2001 Silver Medal Die Pfalz Schwarzbier

-Great American Beer Festival 2005 Bronze Medal Dusseldorf Altbier

-TAP NY 2015 Gold Medal Smoked Porter

Brewers Association Certified Independent10 Step Brewing Process

  1. Steep pre-milled malted barley in hot water approximately 90 minutes in the Mash Tun. This process converts the available
    starches into fermentable sugar.
  2. Drain (Lauter) the Sweet Liquor (Wort) from the Mash Tun into the Kettle.
  3. Begin the boiling process which is approx. 90 – 120 minutes.
  4. Hops are added at various times during the boil to add bitterness, flavor and aromatics depending on the beer style being brewed.
  5. At the end of the boil, the Wort is whirl pooled to collect any particulates from grain and hops, at the bottom center of the Kettle.
  6. The liquid Wort is then pumped from the Kettle through a Heat Exchanger into a Fermentation vessel to cool down. Pure oxygen is injected into the solution for a healthy fermentation.
  7. Yeast is then added to the oxygen rich Wort. The yeast, a living organism, absorbs the oxygen and consumes the sugar creating
    alcohol and carbon dioxide as a byproduct. This process can take 2 – 6 weeks depending on the beer style.
  8. Once the yeast has consumed all the sugar (Attenuation), the temperature is lowered to almost freezing to put the yeast in a
    lethargic state.
  9. The yeast then falls (Flocculate) to the bottom of the vessel. Since yeast is a living thing, it can then be harvested to use again.
  10. The finished beer is filtered and racked into conditioning/serving vessels ready for consumption.